Micro-Entrepreneur Spotlight

By: Taryn Oesch – 02/15/2018

Here at The Power of the Dream, we are fortunate to know so many talented artists and who have launched their own micro-enterprises, fulfilling dreams and working toward self-sufficiency. A couple of upcoming community events are featuring some of these artists!

From February 7 to 28, the Levin Jewish Community Center will have a Disability Awareness and Inclusion Art Show in the Marcus Family Atrium. Wiley Johnson and King Nobuyoshi Godwin, two PowerUP Micro-Enterprise entrepreneurs, will have their art included in this show.

Wiley creates original abstract art using colors that represent different feelings. His favorite medium is acrylic on canvas. If anyone is interested in purchasing his original artwork or printed cards they can email wileyjoh@bellsouth.net.

King will also be featured in the March 2018 issue of Walter Magazine. A painter whose work is sold in The Power of the Dream’s HANDMeUPs thrift store, King shares what it’s like to be an artist with autism in an artist’s statement on his website:

“My name is Nobuyoshi Godwin. I have autism. Being autistic is ok. I can see trees in my mind and talk with them. It’s blue and it’s ok. When I paint I feel good because it’s my job, and I am proud of it. I think people enjoy and think my painting is good.”

I’ve been volunteering as a teacher assistant in the PowerUP Micro-Enterprise class for the last few weeks, where I’ve met three other artists and craftspeople who, like King, channel their unique talents into similarly unique products that they’ll use to support themselves and share their stories with the Triangle community (and beyond!). They already have the artistry – all The Power of the Dream is doing is giving them and their supporters the business background to make their dreams profitable.