About Us

The Power of the Dream is a Raleigh, NC based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded in 2008 by a group of families and self-advocates to assist others in better understanding micro-enterprise and asset building.

Today The Power of the Dream focuses on:

  • Advocating for adults with Autism/IDD and their families.
  • Creating collaborative community partnerships to promote inclusive employment for individuals with Autism/IDD through our PowerUP Inclusive Employment project.
  • Facilitating local employment opportunities by connecting employers, employees, and service providers. Our PossAbilites web-based portal will go live in 2017.
  • Creating jobs through our HANDmeUPs store and future businesses owned by The Power of the Dream.
  • Educating individuals/families about customized self employment / micro-business creation.

Our Mission

To create jobs and advocate for adults with Autism and/or other intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) in the North Carolina Triangle.

Our Values

We value creating independence and increased self-esteem for those with Autism and/or intellectual disabilities.  To this end we educate the greater community about the issues surrounding employment of this population, we advocate for the employment rights of those with Autism/IDD, and empower them to obtain and retain gainful employment and understand their rights.

Our Vision

To provide meaningful choices for adults with Autism/IDD wherever they live, learn, earn, play and pray.