A Different Type of Rewarding Experience

By: Tirthna Badhiwala – 09/06/2017

Just over a month ago, we held our last PowerUP Micro-Enterprise Workshop of the summer at Cameron Village Regional Library. The topic was conducting market research. Our micro-entrepreneurs learned how to determine the best target group for their products, as well as how to adjust their product for different markets.

But while workshops are invaluable educational tools for our micro-entrepreneurs, the real chance to hone skills and apply those workshop lessons is selling products at a real venue.

Two weeks ago was our first PowerUP Micro-Enterprise Pop-Up Market of the fall, and we were lucky to team up with Roshambo Market and the Litchford Village to make it happen! It was a learning experience for all of us, especially since the theme of the event was back-to-school.

All around, children were jamming out to music, getting their faces painted, and lining up for animal balloons and the bounce house.


Off the bat, we realized this event would be very kid-focused, leaving little room for parents to shop. With the time parents did have to spend shopping, they flocked right to the one tent selling products specifically for this demographic: teething accessories.

Our tent was full of beautiful products from our micro-entrepreneurs’ businesses: Oslet Rene Jewelry, Brian Raia Photography, Springs and Stones Terrariums and Sugar Scrubs, and Cassie’s Creations Embroidery.

With the exception of a striking print from Brian Raia Photography, these products had yet to fulfill their destiny of finding new homes by the end of the event.

To the untrained eye, our pop-up market may have seemed like a waste of time or a failure. However, our micro-entrepreneurs left the event feeling enthusiastic and ready to take on the next market!

Why? Because they now know for whom their products are and are not for, where they may and may not find those target groups, and how to adjust their products to attract other buyers. While sales weren’t abundant at this pop-up market, our micro-entrepreneurs are right on track to success!

For more information on our next workshops, markets, and other upcoming events, you can check us out on Facebook or contact our Employment and Outreach Coordinator, Tirthna Badhiwala, at tirthna@thepowerofthedream.org.