We Need You!

Increasing the number of employment opportunities for adults with Autism/IDD in an area as large as the North Carolina Triangle is no easy feat. As they say: ” It takes a village!”

We need employers who are open to the advantages hiring a person with Autism/IDD can bring to their business.

We need support agencies that understand the holistic approach required to foster long-term successful employment.

We need families that want to be well informed consumers, able to find the resources necessary to provide the support most adults with Autism/IDD need.

We need educators who can help prepare this population for the workplace.

We need legislators who are willing to understand the challenges these individuals face and are committed to introducing laws that improve their quality of life.

We need advocates and self-advocates to constantly motivate all of us to work on removing the hurdles to employment for this very talented population.

The Power of the Dream welcomes your engagement!

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