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The Power of Financial Coaching

By: Taryn Oesch

July 18, 2018

People with disabilities are more likely to live in poverty than people without disabilities. This is partly due to the higher unemployment rate they experience and partly due to other barriers, including a lack of access to clear financial education. Financial coaching is an approach to financial education that involves an ongoing relationship with a professional who provides training that helps the client reach financial goals. This relationship can help people with disabilities become more financially confident and resilient.

That’s why the program uses the Upward to Financial Stability curriculum developed by the National Disability Institute with support from the NC Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Through financial coaching, we will help individuals with autism/IDD and their families find creative avenues to achieve financial goals and improve financial habits, productivity and community engagement – all keys to a fulfilling life full of opportunity. Grounded in our philosophy of self-determination and person-centered planning, coaching will empower individuals to understand their strengths and use that understanding to make positive choices.

Topics covered in coaching include asset-building, creating a spending planner, government benefits (if applicable), savings planning, ABLE accounts, opening and managing a bank account, credit (including establishing, building, and repairing credit; correcting errors; and avoiding or remedying identity theft), debt and taxes.

Our vision at The Power of the Dream is to ensure our community offers meaningful choices for adults with autism/IDD wherever they live, learn, earn, play and pray. With financial coaching, we’re helping open up those choices by giving individuals a greater understanding of and control over their financial decisions.

Want to learn more? Partners, alliances, advocates and self-advocates can contact us directly for referrals or to sign up.