“Self advocacy begins by understanding that rights are never granted from above. They are grasped from below by those with the courage and determination to seize that to which they are entitled.”

– Tony Coelho


There is Strength in Numbers!

You can be part of the solution to improve the quality of life for individuals and families affected by Autism and/or intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD).


Changing policies, regulations, laws and perceptions pertaining to individuals with Autism/IDD requires patience, persistence and dedication. In order for our voices to be heard, we need your support and engagement.

Join our Advocacy Subcommittee to PowerUP local advocacy efforts! The Power of the Dream focuses on advocacy for local employment and training opportunities for adults with Autism/IDD, asset development through micro-entrepreneurship, and inclusive communities. Learn more under RESOURCES.  To get involved CONTACT US!


The self-advocacy movement is about people with disabilities speaking up for themselves.  It means that although a person with a disability may call upon the support of others, the individual is entitled to be in control of their own resources and how they are directed.  It is about having the right to make life decisions without undue influence or control by others.

The self-advocacy movement seeks to reduce the isolation of people with disabilities and gives them the tools and experience to take greater control over their own lives.

The Power of the Dream strongly believes in listening to self-advocates. Please CONTACT US with any comment or suggestion you may have.