Triangle Inclusive Employment

The NC Triangle is home to many innovative and forward-thinking companies, and their experience and insights can help jumpstart a unique effort to create more training and employment opportunities for people with autism/IDD.

Some employers understand the obstacles to employment for this population and what is needed to overcome them. Others are unsure about available resources and how to go about finding qualified employees with disabilities. The Power of the Dream has that knowledge and can recommend resources to provide the support network for successful implementation.

We want to help employers to better understand how hiring employees with disabilities can benefit their company. Triangle Inclusive Employment is The Power of the Dream’s initiative to connect employers with the resources and knowledge they need to successfully and sustainably employ adults with autism/IDD. Employers who are dedicated to our mission are invited to register with our Triangle Inclusive Careers program and job portal when it launches.

Are you an employer?

We continue to work diligently on developing our Triangle Inclusive Careers job portal. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit the Employer Question and Answers page to learn more about the benefits of hiring individuals from this population, and to contact us if you are interested in sharing your job postings with our clients with autism/IDD who are seeking employment.