Triangle Inclusive Careers

The mission of Triangle Inclusive Careers is to provide a job portal where qualified and supported job seekers with autism/IDD can connect with local employers at no cost to the employer. Triangle Inclusive Careers incorporates the needs of both job seekers and employers to facilitate opportunities for long-term successful employment. This program includes a network of partnering organizations who provide support and resources to both the employers and job seekers.

Why is Triangle Inclusive Careers needed?

  • 3% of North Carolina residents reported a cognitive disability*
  • Cognitive disabilities are the most prevalent disability among youths ages 16 to 20
  • 3 out of 4 North Carolinians with a cognitive disability are unemployed
  • Annual earnings of those with a cognitive disability are <½ of those with another type disability
  • 6% of people with cognitive disabilities aged 21-64 live in poverty vs. 17.2% of all North Carolinians

We determined that one of the primary problems is a lack of effective communication among employers, job seekers, and support agencies. Job seekers with autism/IDD often find the traditional application process inaccessible, while employers struggle to identify qualified applicants, given that many job seekers with autism/IDD have little to no previous job experience. Finding and maintaining long-term employment is, therefore, a persistent problem for those with autism/IDD.

The Triangle Inclusive Careers portal and the support of The Power of the Dream aims to solve these issues and provide qualified and supported candidates to employers and better opportunities for job seekers.

  • The Employer Section of the portal will allow local employers to look for qualified job seekers, browse the resource section, and post open positions, training and discovery opportunities.
  • The Employee Section will give job seekers the opportunity to post their resumes, and special accommodations they may require in the workplace.
  • The Resource Section will provide links to relevant information for employers, employees, and the general public.Use of the portal is free of charge. Employers will appreciate that all job seekers in the portal have been vetted, passed a soft-skills assessment test, participated in a 96-hour job readiness class, and have their needs for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act assessed.

*According to the 2012 Disability Status Report for North Carolina

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Now Enrolling!

“Job Readiness Class – Overcoming Barriers”
For job seekers with Autism and/or IDD

July 10 – August 3, 2017
(Monday – Thurs., 9am – 4pm)
Wake Tech Beltline Center
3200 Bush St.
Raleigh, NC 27609

Interested job seekers should contact Haley Solomon by email or phone 919-212-4238

Employer Q&A

  • How does the program work for employers?
  • How are candidates qualified?
  • What support will the Power of the Dream provide?
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Candidate Q&A

  • What kind of jobs will be on the portal?
  • Do I need a high school diploma?
  • What is the process for joining?
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