Triangle Inclusive Employment

Questions & Answers for Job Seekers

Triangle Inclusive Careers is targeted at individuals ages 18 to 64 with autism and/or an intellectual developmental disability, including individuals with developmental disabilities and no intellectual disabilities. No formal diagnosis is required to participate, though it may be helpful for accessing employment resources through the referral program. Participants should have a goal of finding and maintaining long-term employment for at least two years.
The portal is part of a comprehensive program, preparing job seekers for the workplace. It includes a soft-skills assessment test, a job readiness class at Wake Tech, and an assessment of required accommodations under the American with Disabilities Act. All these components will provide insight into the job seekers’ strengths and identify areas to work on. The portal will allow local employers to specifically look for qualified job seekers with autism/IDD. That will increase the chances of finding employment.
The jobs in the portal will vary. There will be some tech jobs, some retail, some service industry jobs, etc. Adults with autism/IDD have many skills and talents employers are looking for.
No, you do not need a high school diploma, OCS certificate or previous work history to participate in Triangle Inclusive Careers.
Ideal program candidates will not currently be enrolled in high school or secondary education and will either be unemployed or underemployed.
There is a one-time $50 fee to cover a soft skills assessment; otherwise the program is entirely free.
Following is an overview of the process for job seekers. Please see the Program Details for more information, as well as an application.

  1. Attend an orientation
  2. Fill out application
  3. Complete soft skills assessment – After completing the assessment, both the job seeker and The Power of the Dream will receive a report on strengths and areas for improvement.
  4. Take job readiness course – If a participant has less than 12 months of verifiable employment history or scores below a six on the soft skills assessment, it’s required that they attend a 96-hour job readiness course through Wake Technical Community College.
  5. Needs assessment – Before entering the portal, participants must meet with The Power of the Dream to discuss their specific employment support needs. The Power of the Dream will attempt to refer participants to partnering organizations who can provide these resources, but is not responsible for securing employment resources for program participants and does not guarantee that participants will receive all the employment supports requested during the needs assessment.
  6. Join portal.
You can post your resume for employers to find you and you can apply directly to a posted job.