Education – General

  1. Educational Options for Children with Autism
  2. Rights to a Public School Education for Children with Autism

Post-Secondary Education

  1. Think College! College Options for People with Intellectual Disabilities
  2. College: An Option for People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities at UNC Greensboro
  3. Post Secondary Education Opportunities in NC for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
  4. Accessibility of UNC Institutions to Severely Disabled Individuals
  5. Resources for Education and Transition from School to Independent Living
  6. We Connect Now – uniting college students with disabilities in access to higher education and employment issues


  1. BUTTERFLYWHEEL™ Motivation, Advocacy & Consulting
    Monica J. Foster, an individual with a disabilities, is a certified life and career coach who works one-on-one and in groups to motivate people with disabilities (from youth to veterans) to shift their lives’ possibilities into reality through: transition coaching, motivational speaking, disability awareness training, advocacy, writing and consulting.
  2. Cutter’s Edge Consulting, Creative Expression Life Coaching