General Disability Topics

Affordable Care Act

  1. 2013 NC Institute of Medicine Report:  Impact of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in NC – Overview
  2. 2012 NC Institute of Medicine Presentation to NC Council on Developmental Disabilities – on the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Medicaid Managed Care Information

Legislative Updates

  1. North Carolina General Assembly Website
  2. North Carolina’s Coalition – Advocacy efforts, aimed at securing adequate funding in the NC General Assembly for the state’s Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse service delivery system.
  3. Learning Disability Association of America Legislative Info & Updates

SSI/SSDI Benefit Information

        SSI – Social Security Insurance          SSDI – Social Security Disability Insurance

Useful Links – Applying for Social Security Benefits for a Child with Disabilities:

  1. Disability Secrets – Qualifying a child for SSI
  2. Deeming Parental Income and Resources 
  3. Income and SSI
  4. SSI Resources
  5. Income and Asset Limits – Related to disability eligability