Alex Martin and Jeffrey Claxton

Introducing another two of our HANDmeUPs Thrift employees, Alex Martin and Jeffrey Claxton. Alex has been with the store since it first opened and Jeffrey is an employee who recently went through the internship program. Both employees work as production assistants, helping to sort through the clothing and get the merchandise out onto the floor.

Alex had been working with Jeff during Jeff’s internship and enjoyed it, saying, “I like training and working with Jeff because it keeps me on my toes. I also like having him to talk to.” Alex commented that he likes having a job, as he is saving to go to a conference.

Jeffrey has valued his time working at HANDmeUPs Thrift, he likes working with the employees as they are easy to get along with, and as he added, “I can just ask one of the other employees with a question instead of bothering Gena and Jeff.” While Gena and Jeff have no problems being asked questions, they do encourage employees help each other out! We’re glad you’re both part of the HANDmeUPs Thrift team!