The Power of the Dream, Inc. calls on all NC Triangle employers to join us in creating more Customized Employment opportunities.
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Customized Employment:
Top Fortune 500 companies are already striving for the gold standard in inclusion.


Businesses striving for diversity, the gold standard in inclusion, and being an “employer of choice” already know that hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense. New laws for government contractors and sub-contractors require that a certain percentage of their employees are individuals with disabilities.

Understanding “Customized Employment” is key to the successful inclusion of employees with disabilities.


The Power of the Dream, Inc. is spearheading a local initiative to create more jobs for adults with autism and/or other intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD). The new task force is working on a clearinghouse / portal for local employers who are interested in hiring adults with autism/IDD, jobseekers and service providers.  Businesses who understand the obstacles to employment for this population and what is needed to overcome them are best equipped to find workable solutions. The Power of the Dream, Inc. will provide knowledge, resources and support for this initiative. To learn more, see PowerUP INCLUSIVE EMPLOYMENT.


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