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We understand that we cannot be successful without the support, collaboration and encouragement from the community at large.


A supportive community plays a vital role in helping individuals with autism/IDD and their families have a better quality of life. Opportunities for social engagement, a healthy life style, volunteering, participating in religious life, the arts and access to information/resources all play an important role. The Power of the Dream, Inc. strives to build community connections on various levels. We network through our HANDmeUPs Thrift store, collaborate with various area organizations in the Triangle and work with the NC Business Leadership Network to achieve better outcomes for adults with autism/IDD.


How Community Members can Get Involved:

  • Provide Meeting Space: Consider donating meeting space for self-advocate meetings, educational seminars, and social gatherings for adults with autism/IDD. (organization/business, municipality, church, agency, real estate firm, restaurant, etc.)
  • Volunteer: Help with the Power of the Dream programming, projects or serve on one of our committees
  • Mentor a person with autism/IDD by sharing your skills and knowledge
  • Health Centers or Fitness Studios can provide classes for adults with autism/IDD.
  • Places of Worship can work with us to find ways to include this population in services and activities.
  • Towns/Cities/Municipalities can provide quality recreational programming for adults with autism/IDD.
  • Business Owners contact us to learn about customized employment and consider volunteer and employment opportunities for adults with autism/IDD
  • Art Communities reach out and offer display/gallery space for the talented artists with autism/IDD within our community
  • Teachers: Teachers have great influence on young minds to accept differences, to include those who are often excluded and to correct misinformation and prejudice. Make an effort to learn about the wonderful abilities of people with autism/IDD, the challenges they face and how you can make a difference.
  • Community Leaders: People in authority anywhere in the community can lead by example by not allowing discrimination against persons with disabilities and by making decisions that foster acceptance, inclusion and support their needs.
  • Donate time, money, stock, real estate, clothing, household items, services etc… If you are a Foundation, give to organizations like ours.