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The Power to Understand,
To Learn, To Act and To Prosper

The Power of the Dream, Inc., educates through our projects:

We educate individuals, the community and businesses about the unrecognized abilities of people with autism/IDD. We also educate individuals, the community and businesses about customized employment, customized self-employment and resources in the community.

Barriers to inclusion often exist in spite of the goodwill of many people in the community and in business. A lack of understanding of the true abilities of individuals with autism/IDD can be one reason. The Power of the Dream, Inc. can help communities and businesses to better understand what these barriers are and how they can be overcome. Customized employment for inclusion in the workplace, information on supportive technologies and easy read material for inclusion in training programs, and information on modified approaches for inclusion in the faith community and social events are just examples of how we educate and empower.

Contact us with your questions and needs. We look forward to working with you!