When Is Micro-enterprise a Good Fit?

By: Taryn Oesch

In the past, there were few options available to individuals with autism/IDD when it came to work. Fortunately, the tide is turning, as people with disabilities prove time and again that they are a diverse group of unique people with unique interests and skills. There are a variety of work options now available to people with autism/IDD, and micro-enterprise is one of them.

Micro-enterprise is a type of entrepreneurship that operates on a very small (“micro”) scale, with just the entrepreneur and perhaps one or two other people employed. For any entrepreneur, micro-enterprise provides flexibility, independence, and the opportunity to be creative and innovative. For individuals with autism/IDD, customized self-employment provides these benefits as well as an environment where they are supported as they create and manage a micro-enterprise.

Micro-enterprise might be a good option for someone if he or she…

  • Needs a flexible work schedule
  • Can create a product or offer a service that is marketable
  • Is looking for a way to earn money without losing benefits like Medicaid
  • Has a support network of people who can help with the planning and management of a small business
  • Prefers not to participate in traditional employment, or faces barriers to traditional employment

Are you interested in finding out if micro-enterprise is a good fit for you or someone you know? Contact us, and let’s talk!